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ArtStreamingTV and InPlayer Join Forces to Help Arts Organizations Monetize Videos

InPlayer has recently partnered with ArtStreamingTV to provide monetization solutions to cultural organisations whom are looking to increase and diversify their revenue streams through their online content.

As an innovative live stream production company and digital platform, ArtStreamingTV is dedicated to arts, dance and cultural communities, providing live coverage and On Demand content to audiences worldwide. As the company continues to grow and develop, they’re also committed to offer the highest specification technologies available and the partnership between ArtStreamingTV and InPlayer aims to encapsulate that. Andre Portasio founder of ArtStreamingTV says: ”Our partnership seemed a natural step into providing our clients with a cutting edge technology that can support the diversification of income stream, maximize potential of online content and become resilient to an ever changing digital realm”.

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PPV models are becoming extremely popular in both live streaming and videos on demand. The arts and culture is by no means excluded from that; theatre, dance, music and all other forms of cultural offerings are looking into ways to monetize their online media. The partnership with ArtStreamingTV lay the foundations to help cultural organisations achieve all of that.

What InPlayer will bring to the table is an assorted in-video app, which can be adapted to the client’s needs, including:

– Paywall App, which enable clients to sell their videos/live streams content directly from the video player itself. Aside from the in-player function, the Paywall also brings additional benefits that includes: end-user support, use of voucher/coupon codes, multi-language and multi-currency support, different levels of customization and more.

– Donation App, which is mainly used by charities and non-profit organisations who are looking to increase their online fundraising capacity. This feature acts as an additional tool which will enable clients to receive donations directly from the video player making the whole donation process simple and extremely easy to use.

– Data Capture, This is used mainly by video publishers who provide free video content to their viewers, thereby looking to capture user’s information such as name, email, age etc; which then can be used for user analysis, promotional campaigns etc.

We are delighted to be in partnership with ArtStreamingTV and we look forward to making their monetisation offering an effective and easy to use tool that can be benefitial to their clients both now and in the future.

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