The Ongoing Full Stream Ahead Trend with VoD

5 months ago

The traditional definition of what it means to watch TV and how to watch it have drastically changed in the past 10 years or so. Consumers are in control more than ever of what they watch, when they watch and how they watch. If watching TV meant sitting in front of the screen, waiting for […]

Top 10 Video Streaming Services On the Market Today

10 months ago

Cutting cables in droves seems to be very popular nowadays and a lot of companies are putting out their online streaming options to compete. Marathon watching TV is the new most popular leisure activity with more and more video streaming services emerging on the market each year. In the beginning of the cord cutting era […]

Live streaming vs. VOD – Reasons to Consider Both

1 year ago

Live streaming and VOD (Video on Demand) can offer different ways of brand recognition benefits, increased pool of customers and followers engagement. Giving preference to VOD over live streaming or vice versa, shouldn’t be a limit to all the opportunities offered by each of them. The question here is how to leverage one or the […]

US Millennials Watch an Average of 6hrs Content Per Day

2 years ago

According to a new study, millennials, who watch the most amount of content out of any demographic, watch an average of 6 hrs’ worth of content every day. And it seems that they’re perfectly happy doing so! TiVo’s survey revealed that the millennial generation spends the most amount of time watching video content – no surprises […]

10 Important Trends Shaping On-Demand Digital Entertainment

2 years ago

On-demand digital entertainment may be well-established in the UK, US, and certain Western European countries; however, further afield, in major economies such as India, Brazil, and South Africa, on-demand services are only just beginning to take root. So, what are the key trends that will affect how the technology is adopted? We summarized Discover Digital’s […]

Why Mobile Devices Now Account for More Than Half of Online Viewing

2 years ago

For the first time ever, the majority of online viewing is taking place on mobile devices, according to new research by Ooyala. Drawing on insights from over 3.5 billion video analytic events per day from 220 million viewers across the world, Ooylah found that mobile devices now represent 51 percent of all online viewing. So why […]

VOD Is Spreading Globally

3 years ago

It’s no secret that video on demand (VOD) and subscription video on demand (SVOD) have been growing in popularity over the last few years, with 50 percent of internet users aged 16 and over regularly using SVOD technology to watch television and movies in the US. Now, however, the popularity of VOD and SVOD is spreading even […]

Millions to Ditch Their TV License for a Streaming Service

3 years ago

Streaming services are becoming more popular every year. But, according to a new survey, as VOD and SVOD continue to embed themselves in our lives, almost 10 million Brits will get rid of their TV license. So what will this mean for the future of television? Around the world, tens of millions of people now […]

Cord Cutting and The Future of Television

3 years ago

Industry pundits predicted that, by now, traditional television would have perished. Like the music industry, which has been irrevocably changed by the likes of iTunes and Spotify, television viewers were supposed to have moved to online alternatives – citing high costs, an abundance of low-quality or niche content, and atrocious customer service as the reasons. […]

SVOD Penetration Now On Par with DVR

3 years ago

In the last couple blogs, we’ve looked at the rise of subscription video on-demand (SVOD). One of the most significant (and symbolic) milestones for the SVOD industry is the penetration of on-demand services equalling that of DVRs (digital video recorders). So why has this happened? And, now that it has, what does this mean for […]

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