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The Ongoing Full Stream Ahead Trend with VoD

5 months ago

The traditional definition of what it means to watch TV and how to watch it have drastically changed in the past 10 years or so. Consumers are in control more than ever of what they watch, when they watch and how they watch. If watching TV meant sitting in front of the screen, waiting for […]

Western European SVOD Industry to Generate €3 Billion in Revenue by End 2016

2 years ago

In 2015, total spending on SVOD in Western Europe surpassed €2 billion. By the end of 2016, this figure is expected to reach €3 billion, according to a new report released by IHS Markit. So why is SVOD growing so quickly in Western Europe? And which countries are primarily responsible this growth? One of the biggest […]

How Millennials Preference For OTT Could Determine The Future Of TV

3 years ago

You have probably heard that millennials have a preference for OTT when it comes to viewing video content. You may know that they quote providers such as YouTube and Netflix as being their preferred option, as opposed to traditional TV. What will probably surprise you is that this behaviour amongst millennials is not just restricted […]

Join the Growth of Streaming as Netflix Continues Expansion

3 years ago

Last week, Netflix stole the thunder after revealing that it has expanded its reach into 130 new countries. #NetflixEverywhere is available almost everywhere across the globe, with a few notable exceptions including China, Syria and Crimea. We  have to admit that we were quite impressed by Netflix, considering it only began expanding outside the US in 2010. It’s also […]

What Will 2016 Bring For Live And On Demand Video?

3 years ago

As we have discussed over the last few months, 2015 has been a relatively successful year in the world of online video. According to Limelight’s “The State of Online Video”, 83% of consumers now watch video-on-demand. This figure alone helps to show us that SVOD and OTT services are very much here to stay. As 2015 reaches […]

Join The VOD Revolution Today

3 years ago

Remember the days when watching a TV show meant having to be home at the exact time it was on? That may seem like a long time ago, but in reality technology has actually advanced very quickly, to give us the easier access to content that we have today. It’s not finished yet, though; as […]

Streaming Media Device Owners Watch More Online Video

3 years ago

Parks Associates shows that households with a streaming media device watch more online video content than households without such a device. The study found that households with an active streaming media device watch an average of 22 hours of video on television per week. That’s a four hours more than households without one of these devices, […]

TV viewing, How Has It Changed?

4 years ago

Not so long ago, watching TV consisted of sitting around the TV set at a specific time, on a specific day and watching your favorite TV show. Nowadays, that has all changed and you can often watch your favorite content whenever you want. There are still some restrictions, such as the availability of certain shows, […]

Three Industries with the Potential to Capitalise on Monetising Live Streaming

4 years ago

Digital live streaming has become the norm in certain industries, including sports, esports , and entertainment. But other industries have been much slower to adopt live streaming. So, which industries have the potential to make some serious money from broadcasting live content? The Benefits of Live Streaming Live video is always an enticing proposition to […]

Top Tips for Attracting and Retaining Video Viewers

4 years ago

It’s safe to say that there’s little point in spending your valuable budget on producing video content that nobody watches. That’s why it’s so important to maximize potential revenue from your content.  One of the most important aspects of this is understanding your audience. You need to ascertain who is going to watch your content, […]

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