Millions to Ditch Their TV License for a Streaming Service

2 years ago

Streaming services are becoming more popular every year. But, according to a new survey, as VOD and SVOD continue to embed themselves in our lives, almost 10 million Brits will get rid of their TV license. So what will this mean for the future of television? Around the world, tens of millions of people now […]

Young Viewers Dedicate a Third of Their Viewing Time to On-Demand Services

3 years ago

Eighteen to 24-year-olds are increasingly turning to on-demand services to get their fill of televised entertainment. In fact, due to the popularity of services such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon – which have seen their young audiences boosted by a third – live TV viewing amongst 16 to 24-year-olds has fallen by a […]

Popularity Of Streaming Video Is High But Not As Many Are Cutting The Cord

3 years ago

People who stream video are now almost in the majority but this does not mean they are necessarily cutting the cord with their more traditional TV services. You may have heard a lot about cord cutting recently. This is the situation whereby people remove themselves from traditional TV viewing and choose to stream video online […]

The Difficulties Of Pinning Down The Viewing Habits Of Millennials

3 years ago

The main problem with trying to pin down the viewing habits of millennials is that there are very different entities within the same overall group. Some millennials live at home with parents, others are single people living in their own place and others have settled down and started a family. The recent Q4 2015 total Audience […]

Second Screen Popularity And The Younger Generation

3 years ago

The age of families gathering around a TV to simply sit and watch programmes together seems to be a thing of the past. Second screen usage is now part of everyday life, especially amongst millennials (those aged between 16 and 34). No longer is all viewer attention directed at TV content; now it is shared […]

Join the Growth of Streaming as Netflix Continues Expansion

3 years ago

Last week, Netflix stole the thunder after revealing that it has expanded its reach into 130 new countries. #NetflixEverywhere is available almost everywhere across the globe, with a few notable exceptions including China, Syria and Crimea. We  have to admit that we were quite impressed by Netflix, considering it only began expanding outside the US in 2010. It’s also […]

2015 Turned Out To Be A Great Year For OTT

3 years ago

The appetite for OTT content had already begun to increase, but 2015 saw it reach its greatest heights yet. The OTT Playbook, Part II: Keys to Building Momentum study makes an interesting read. Produced by Parks Associates and sponsored by Vindicia and Ooyala the report contains a lot of eye-opening information about OTT today and an insight […]

What digital video learned from TV

4 years ago

Despite the rise in take-up of online video content, 43% in 2014, there is currently very much a place for broadcast TV in the market. On average, viewers spend approximately 141 hours watching traditional broadcast each month, as opposed to just less than 11 hours for online content. The trick is to use the best […]

Will 4K Play A Role In The Death Of Linear TV?

4 years ago

A recent appearance by Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, at the Media Conference in Berlin, has brought the topic of the potential death of linear TV to the fore. According to Hastings, the traditional TV provision has about twenty years of survival left, as the streaming of individually selected content is set to become more and […]

A Survey Reveals Rising Popularity of Video Streaming Over Live TV in the U.S.

4 years ago

Most Americans now prefer watching operas and movies through streaming websites like Netflix instead of watching it live on TV. A survey conducted by a consulting firm, Deloitte, last year found that about 53% of Americans stream TV shows and 56% prefer streaming videos on a monthly basis, while only 46% prefer watching it live. The study revealed that internet-streaming […]

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