By 2021, 428 Million Homes Worldwide Will Have SVOD

3 years ago

According to the Global SVOD Forecasts report, the number of Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) homes will reach 428 million across 200 countries by 2021 – a massive increase on 2015’s 177 million and 2016’s 248 million! Currently, North America is the country where consumers are most likely to subscribe to SVOD service. However, by 2019, […]

How OTT Providers Can Overcome The Challenges They Face

3 years ago

It may surprise you to know that OTT is not such a new development; ever since ESPN360 launched in 2005 there has been an OTT presence. In the years since then the number of OTT providers has continued to grow and today OTT is finally really coming into its own. Providers such as Netflix, Hulu, […]

Google AMP About To Make Its Entrance

3 years ago

The deployment of Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project has been met with much excitement. The project has attracted interest from more than 5,000 developers who have registered to the Github repository of the program. Not all of them will go on to develop something but it’s a safe bet that many organizations will go on to […]

How Businesses Were Caught Out By California Auto-Renew Law

4 years ago

It does not pay any business to hide terms and conditions from customers. Ask anyone in business and they will say that transparency is extremely important if you want to attract and retain customers. For this reason, businesses will normally think that they have made their terms and conditions are very clear. This may not be the […]

How To Win Back Subscribers For Online Video Content

4 years ago

It can be frustrating when you lose subscribers to your online video content platform. A certain amount of subscription loss is always likely to happen. Subscribers are individuals who make individual choices in life. They may decide that they want to try something different, or simply that they want to spend their money on something […]

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