Live-Streaming for Business: Strategies to Make the Most Out of It

10 months ago

Live-streaming may be a key trend of today, with increasing range of brands and people trying streaming in their efforts to boost reach and audience engagement. And whereas not everybody may be a live-stream star and not each and every live-stream attracts an audience, there is clearly demand there. Facebook says the daily watch time […]

Live streaming vs. VOD – Reasons to Consider Both

1 year ago

Live streaming and VOD (Video on Demand) can offer different ways of brand recognition benefits, increased pool of customers and followers engagement. Giving preference to VOD over live streaming or vice versa, shouldn’t be a limit to all the opportunities offered by each of them. The question here is how to leverage one or the […]

Do Millennial Streaming Habits Threaten Legitimate Companies?

3 years ago

According to a new study by creative agency Anatomy Media, two-thirds of young millennials use an ad blocker. Moreover, 69 percent of these stream pirate videos. So, do Millennial streaming habits threaten legitimate video entertainment companies? Anatomy Media’s survey – which studied 2,500 Americans aged 18-24 – found that two-thirds use an ad blocker and that […]

Millions to Ditch Their TV License for a Streaming Service

3 years ago

Streaming services are becoming more popular every year. But, according to a new survey, as VOD and SVOD continue to embed themselves in our lives, almost 10 million Brits will get rid of their TV license. So what will this mean for the future of television? Around the world, tens of millions of people now […]

Study Shows Massive Uptake of VR by OTT Companies

3 years ago

The over-the-top market (OTT) is gearing up to launch VR-video content, with more than two-thirds of OTT companies are claiming that VR is here to stay, according to a new global study. So, what is it about VR tech that’s getting OTT companies excited, and can we really expect to see VR become a mainstay […]

Are Millennials Shutting Down The Radio?

3 years ago

The most successful radio shows have generally been those aimed at the younger generations (millennials). But music streaming software, with an almost unlimited supply of personalised playlists and stations, music on demand, and a vast array of podcasts, is now drawing young listeners away from even the most popular disk-jockeys. So what does the future […]

Harnessing The Power Of 360 Degree Video

3 years ago

The power of video has been very evident for years; people can actually see what you have to offer and what you are trying to relate to them, rather than just reading words on a screen. It’s already an immersive experience when it’s done well; now that experience has just got even better, with 360 […]

Why Netflix Is The Present And Future Of Video Streaming

3 years ago

There is no doubt that Netflix is the dominant force when it comes to video streaming; it has around 90% of the market with competitors such as Hulu and Amazon Prime taking up the remaining 10% between them. The growth of Netflix has changed the way we view content for good. This not only means […]

4K, UHD And HDR – Тhe Future Of Video Explained

3 years ago

The world of video is not always easy to understand, with its array of acronyms. Technology moves so fast that sometimes it seems like we are only just getting used to one development, such as high definition (HD), when more come along. You may have heard mention of some dome of the latest acronyms, 4K, […]

The Rise Of Streaming Devices In Content Viewing

3 years ago

The days of watching content simply based on what is showing on the TV, or what is available on cable TV, are well and truly over. According to the latest Connected Home Entertainment Report from NPD Group more than 50% of US homes have access to at least one device that can stream OTT content; in fact, […]

Why Is The Recurring Revenue Model Spreading?

3 years ago

In my previous post, I’ve discussed about what does the future hold for companies with recurring revenue strategies. This time around I’ll be talking about the reason why the recurring revenue model is spreading. Probably the most important aspect of the recurring revenue model is that it provides the opportunity for companies to make big changes to […]

Impressive Growth Rate For Apple Music As It Reaches 10m Subscribers

3 years ago

Apple Music may have only launched in June 2015 but that has not stopped it making its mark. According to figures from the Financial Times the music streaming service has already managed to secure an impressive 10 million paying subscribers. Putting this into context, Spotify has so far been the major player in this area, and took six years […]

Is #NetflixEverywhere The Death Of The Longtail Digital Video Operator?

3 years ago

Well, we’ve all heard the news by now! Netflix is going global with its service in 130 countries, pretty much circling the globe, on the surprise and joy of fans worldwide. The only countries out of the loop are China, Crimea, North Korea and Syria, due to restrictions to US companies issued by those countries. […]

Consumers Embracing VOD Like Never Before

4 years ago

According to the Ericsson ConsumerLab TV & Media Report 2015, consumers are embracing VOD like never before. In their report, Ericsson unveiled that consumers now spend 6 hours per week watching streamed on-demand TV series, programmes, and movies – this has more than doubled since 2011. With recorded and downloaded content added to the equation, today 35% of all TV and […]

Streaming Events For Raising Money And Awareness

4 years ago

In a society where many people are already financially stretched, and charitable courses are continually vying for attention to secure the limited funds available, live streaming of catastrophes and appeals, has become a necessary and vital tool for many charities. People often respond with more emotion to something that they can see and hear, and […]

Celebrating 3 years InPlayer – StreamUK partnership

4 years ago

Three years ago we started a great partnership with StreamUK and we are happy to celebrate this today and toast for the many years ahead. When we initially started talking with Duncan, the CEO at StreamUK, we aimed at one goal, and that is to make sure that by combining the InPlayer monetization and StreamUK hosting services, […]

The Power Of Video In The Sports Industry – Should It Be Used More?

4 years ago

We live in a sports mad world, and our passion for all things sporting is only going one way: upwards. The 2015 Super Bowl between  the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks broke all records, with official figures showing it was watched by an average of 114.4 million people per minute on NBC. This makes it the […]

Video and Streaming Technology in Education

4 years ago

One of the major ways in which we learn is by watching and listening; the use of video and streaming in education embraces this and introduces the chance for improved interaction and communication on a local, national and global scale. How Video Technologies Can Improve the Quality of Education You would possibly be surprised at […]

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