PPV Video: How Content Owners Can Become Profitable

2 months ago

Earning money from Pay per View (PPV) is not a given, but it is highly achievable. Given the right amount of research and dedication, one of the big secrets to making PPV profitable is to provide a product that people actually want. A lot of this is about knowing your potential audience, and what kind […]

5 Highest Viewed PPV Sporting Events in History

1 year ago

Driven by all the new technology modern time has given us, PPV (Pay-per-View) has become both a huge sensation and a big business. Our thirst for the next live performance or sporting event has never been greater. Our viewing habits as customers have changed to the extent that we demand to watch content on any […]

Best Practices to Monetize Live Stream Conferences

1 year ago

There has been a steady rise in live streaming of conferences in the past ten years. Conferences as such are a wonderful opportunity to nurture relationships, start networking, exchange information, discuss best practices, and more. If your company is organizing conferences or has plans to organize one, time has never been better to start live […]

What Should Subscription Businesses Include in 2018?

1 year ago

Another year is coming to a close and before we know it 2018 will be the New Year to look forward to. Fresh new subscription businesses are launching all the time, and a lot of traditional ones have begun adding a subscription part to their standard operations. Subscription-based services have shown that they can be […]

Avoid Customer Churn and Improve Your Video Subscription Business

1 year ago

If you happen to work in the subscription and/or SaaS businesses chances are you have been faced with a challenge called customer churn. As your subscription company grows, so does the potential for its subscriber base to be damaged by either involuntary or voluntary type of churn. A lot of startups and SVOD businesses burn a […]

3 Tips for Organising a Live Streamed Conference for Your Online Community

2 years ago

Building a vibrant online community is difficult. If you’ve done that, well done! Seriously. And, for those of you looking to take our project to the next level, live streamed conferences may be just the thing for you. Live streamed conferences allow community members to talk in real time and forge relationships that go beyond […]

Will Millennials Watch Live TV With YouTube?

2 years ago

Young people are hooked on YouTube, but till now the company has specialized in short viral clips, music videos, and independent shows. But, with the launch of YouTube TV, will millennials tune in for live TV? YouTube TV officially launched аwhile ago, offering a so-called “skinny bundle” of around 50 live television networks for $35 […]

Companies Need to Adapt to Ad Blocking, Not Fight It

3 years ago

In the US ad blocking is set to grow by 34 percent this year – that’s almost 70 million US web users! Even worse for companies who favor traditional digital ads, this figure is set to rise to a whopping 87 million by 2017. But, in a world in which consumers have experienced ad-free surfing, […]

InPlayer Digital Content Monetisation Tools

3 years ago

Video accounts for over half of all Internet traffic today; every day billions of videos are watched worldwide. You can see how important it is to produce and publish videos of your brand, business or organisation online. Of course, if you are spending all that money, time and effort producing high-quality video content you want […]

Top Tips For Implementing A Successful Video Player

3 years ago

There’s no doubt that online video is very much here to stay, and continues to grow, as a viewing media; especially amongst millennials. It may surprise you to learn that in 2015 people spent more time watching an online digital video than they did using social media, according to research by eMarketer. Bearing all this in mind, […]

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