Organize and Monetize Your Live Sports Event

11 months ago

So you’re looking to monetize a live sports event? Luckily for you, no matter the size of the event, the venue, or the number of athletes, the same principles apply when it comes to monetizing your event and making sure that you end up getting a good return on your investment. In today’s world, it […]

Top tips for using digital media for your sports club

4 years ago

Using digital media resources for your sports club is an excellent idea, as long as it is done in the right way. There are many things to consider when making use of digital media, if you want to make sure that you make best use of your resources to get the best possible results. If […]

How to add a paywall layer on your Ooyala video

5 years ago

This is an example of the Ooyala player with a paywall layer added to it. The paywall will prompt 5 seconds into the video. — video — This is the code from the example above: Download PDF instructions Step 1: Ooyala Login Login in with your account on Ooyala: https://backlot.ooyala.com/backlot/web Step 2: Uploading Videos in Ooyala […]

Are you the next big thing in music?

5 years ago

If you answered yes to this question then you might want to ask yourself another one; how can you increase your fan base and get the money you need to continue to develop a successful career? The Internet gives you a great opportunity to perform on a global stage, and video monetization is the perfect […]

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