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5 Types of Business Video Content to Accelerate Engagement

8 months ago

According to Vidyard businesses and marketers who used video content ended up growing revenue 49% faster than non-video users in 2017. We’re entering a “post-text world” where multimedia started dominating every media channel. In other words, using writing to communicate with your audience will quickly become obsolete and out of style. In terms of your […]

Online Video – The Centre Of Content Marketing

4 years ago

Have you noticed how many websites are adopting video to describe a product or service, rather than blocks of texts? This is just one example of the rise of video online. According to Cisco, by 2017 69% of all consumer Internet traffic will be video-based. That’s a huge number and it’s only a couple of years […]

InPlayer keeping pace with the Brightcove New Video Cloud

4 years ago

We are happy to announce that our partner, Brightcove, has recently made their New Video Cloud available to all customers using their services. The new platform is much faster than the previous one, and the process for accessing your video library is much simpler, meaning it takes just a few clicks. Here are just a few of the […]

How to Choose the Best Video Encoding Solution?

4 years ago

With all the changes taking place in the digital recording frontier, what are the criteria that a video producer should assess for selecting the best video encoding solution today? This is the most common question that is in the mind of producers who want to purchase a new or upgrade to the latest video encoding […]

How Subscriptions Can Drive Revenue For Your App Or Website

4 years ago

Creating an exciting website or app that delivers something new and original to consumers is the first stage to success, but on its own it isn’t enough. The key to real success is how to monetize your website or app, so that views and visits becomes real revenue. Increasingly, one of the most effective, as […]

How To Win Back Subscribers For Online Video Content

5 years ago

It can be frustrating when you lose subscribers to your online video content platform. A certain amount of subscription loss is always likely to happen. Subscribers are individuals who make individual choices in life. They may decide that they want to try something different, or simply that they want to spend their money on something […]

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