As Apple Pulls The Plug On iAd What Is The Future Of Mobile Advertising?

3 years ago

You have probably seen the news that Apple is ending its mobile advertising solution, iAd, after trying to make it work since its 2010 launch. Advertisers were never really on board with the less intrusive approach of the Apple offering, so they probably won’t be shedding any tears. You may be thinking that this is good news […]

Live Sports More Popular Than Ever Among Millennials

4 years ago

As baby boomers begin to die off, and Generation X ages, millennials are slowly becoming the majority of the industry’s target audience. They are a very valuable audience and needless to say that they are responsible for major technological disruptions. And when we say that we refer to live sports. Millennials have certainly played a […]

CAP Conference on Pay Per View

4 years ago

The Apostolic & Prophetic Conference (CAP) is starting today and we are happy to take part and help the team in delivering the live stream to everyone who weren’t able to come onsite.   The Conference, which takes place in Miami, Florida is a 3 day event that provides a unique opportunity to hear from […]

How To Use Facebook For Marketing

4 years ago

At the moment, Facebook is the biggest social platform and a place where you can market your business, develop your brand identity and create good relationships with potential customers. However, before you start using Facebook as a marketing tool for your business, you should have the following things in mind. Have A Clear Goal And […]

Direct Debit Payments for Video Content

4 years ago

Inplayer specializes in helping individuals and organisations monetize video content. From now on, those seeking to do this will be able to use Direct Debit as a payment option. What are the benefits? Direct Debit is simple and convenient way for viewers to pay for video content. With a Direct DebitInstruction set up with the customer, payment […]

InPlayer integrates Apple Pay

4 years ago

We are happy to announce the integration of Apple Pay into our video monetization technology, making our Paywall the first video paywall to enable users to pay for video content directly from their Apple account. Apple Pay, which launched in the UK in July, is now fully incorporated into InPlayer, thereby making it possible for […]

Tomorrow: Deborahs 2015 Conference on PPV Live Stream

4 years ago

We are all very aware that online video and live streaming are booming. Its worldwide rise is driven by many industries, but the unexpected market segment for many is: churches and religious organizations.  Live streaming of religious services has become mainstream in churches, especially in the U.S and with the emergence of apps like Merkaat and Periscope, the technology needed to […]

InPlayer Collects The Accolades at TechPitch 4.5

4 years ago

We’ve got some lovely news this morning. Surrounded by a great company of young and ambitious UK startups, the presentation of our CEO, Jean-Charles Lacoste, was voted as No.1 from both the jury and the audience. TechPitch 4.5 is a platform for UK tech startups and entrepreneurs to show-case their business to a wider audience, including investors, […]

What will EU’s Digital Single Market Strategy mean for content producers and end-users

4 years ago

If you have ever tried to access digital content while outside of your home country, you will know how frustrating it can be when you are met with a message saying the content is not available in your area. This can also be massively restrictive in the business world where the digital arena provides massive […]

Make Way For The New v6 Plugin, v5 Is Officially Retired

4 years ago

It’s time to say goodbye and time to say welcome at the same time. We are very proud to announce, that after a successful beta testing phase, yesterday we have pushed our new rebranded and redesigned v6 plugin live. All publishers have been automatically switched to the new plugin, without making any changes, client wise. Support and […]

Why Net Neutrality Is So Important For Digital Content Producers

4 years ago

The internet is saved! Net neutrality has been the big topic on people’s lips in the lead up to the FCC ruling of February 26th, with politicians on  both sides of the divide debating whether enshrining net neutrality in federal law was good or bad for consumers and businesses. In a tight decision the new rules protecting net […]

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