By 2021, 428 Million Homes Worldwide Will Have SVOD

2 years ago

According to the Global SVOD Forecasts report, the number of Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) homes will reach 428 million across 200 countries by 2021 – a massive increase on 2015’s 177 million and 2016’s 248 million! Currently, North America is the country where consumers are most likely to subscribe to SVOD service. However, by 2019, […]

Cord Cutting and The Future of Television

3 years ago

Industry pundits predicted that, by now, traditional television would have perished. Like the music industry, which has been irrevocably changed by the likes of iTunes and Spotify, television viewers were supposed to have moved to online alternatives – citing high costs, an abundance of low-quality or niche content, and atrocious customer service as the reasons. […]

Young Viewers Dedicate a Third of Their Viewing Time to On-Demand Services

3 years ago

Eighteen to 24-year-olds are increasingly turning to on-demand services to get their fill of televised entertainment. In fact, due to the popularity of services such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon – which have seen their young audiences boosted by a third – live TV viewing amongst 16 to 24-year-olds has fallen by a […]

Why Netflix Is The Present And Future Of Video Streaming

3 years ago

There is no doubt that Netflix is the dominant force when it comes to video streaming; it has around 90% of the market with competitors such as Hulu and Amazon Prime taking up the remaining 10% between them. The growth of Netflix has changed the way we view content for good. This not only means […]

Popularity Of Streaming Video Is High But Not As Many Are Cutting The Cord

3 years ago

People who stream video are now almost in the majority but this does not mean they are necessarily cutting the cord with their more traditional TV services. You may have heard a lot about cord cutting recently. This is the situation whereby people remove themselves from traditional TV viewing and choose to stream video online […]

The Continuing Global Growth Of SVOD

3 years ago

There is no doubt that the popularity of SVOD continues to grow, both in the UK and across the globe. By the end of 2012, almost 14.5 million households in the UK were subscribing to Pay TV. This figure put the UK at number nine in the list of countries with the most pay TV […]

How OTT Providers Can Overcome The Challenges They Face

3 years ago

It may surprise you to know that OTT is not such a new development; ever since ESPN360 launched in 2005 there has been an OTT presence. In the years since then the number of OTT providers has continued to grow and today OTT is finally really coming into its own. Providers such as Netflix, Hulu, […]

Why Is The Recurring Revenue Model Spreading?

3 years ago

In my previous post, I’ve discussed about what does the future hold for companies with recurring revenue strategies. This time around I’ll be talking about the reason why the recurring revenue model is spreading. Probably the most important aspect of the recurring revenue model is that it provides the opportunity for companies to make big changes to […]

Digital Video Trends For 2016 And Beyond

3 years ago

With the continued emergence of OTT providers, and the ever growing appetite for consumption of digital video content, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the findings of a recent survey by Digital TV Europe and see how these findings relate to potential trends in digital video over the next couple […]

The Battle Between Pay TV And OTT

3 years ago

The upward trend in the amount of time spent viewing content on OTT services is showing no signs of slowing. It’s important to consider why viewers are attracted to providers such as Netflix and Hulu and what lessons Pay TV providers can learn. While it’s true that an average Netflix viewer watches 1 hour and […]

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