Impressive Growth Rate For Apple Music As It Reaches 10m Subscribers

4 years ago

Apple Music may have only launched in June 2015 but that has not stopped it making its mark. According to figures from the Financial Times the music streaming service has already managed to secure an impressive 10 million paying subscribers. Putting this into context, Spotify has so far been the major player in this area, and took six years […]

Video Streaming is Going to Rescue Music Streaming

4 years ago

The 21st century ushered in an era of breakthrough technological revolution. Whether it’s the internet, cloud technology, or smartphones, technology has touched nearly every aspect of our life and has revolutionized businesses not imaginable before. One such evolving technology of the present millennium is Video on Demand (VOD) that allows you to access streaming video files […]

Pay-per-View Video Economics: How Video Providers Can Become Profitable

4 years ago

Earning money from Pay per View (PPV) is not a given, but it is highly achievable, given the right amount of research and dedication. One of the big secrets to making PPV profitable is to provide a product that people actually want. A lot of this is about knowing your potential audience, and what kind […]

Does Geography Matter In Music Streaming?

4 years ago

Wherever you are in the world, the technical developments of recent years have made the streaming of music far more common. In 2013 in excess of 18 billion songs were streamed in the US; an increase of 32% on the previous year (figures courtesy of Nielson Entertainment). In the UK 7.4 billion songs were streamed, […]

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