Will Millennials Watch Live TV With YouTube?

2 years ago

Young people are hooked on YouTube, but till now the company has specialized in short viral clips, music videos, and independent shows. But, with the launch of YouTube TV, will millennials tune in for live TV? YouTube TV officially launched аwhile ago, offering a so-called “skinny bundle” of around 50 live television networks for $35 […]

US Millennials Watch an Average of 6hrs Content Per Day

3 years ago

According to a new study, millennials, who watch the most amount of content out of any demographic, watch an average of 6 hrs’ worth of content every day. And it seems that they’re perfectly happy doing so! TiVo’s survey revealed that the millennial generation spends the most amount of time watching video content – no surprises […]

Do Millennial Streaming Habits Threaten Legitimate Companies?

3 years ago

According to a new study by creative agency Anatomy Media, two-thirds of young millennials use an ad blocker. Moreover, 69 percent of these stream pirate videos. So, do Millennial streaming habits threaten legitimate video entertainment companies? Anatomy Media’s survey – which studied 2,500 Americans aged 18-24 – found that two-thirds use an ad blocker and that […]

Are Millennials Shutting Down The Radio?

3 years ago

The most successful radio shows have generally been those aimed at the younger generations (millennials). But music streaming software, with an almost unlimited supply of personalised playlists and stations, music on demand, and a vast array of podcasts, is now drawing young listeners away from even the most popular disk-jockeys. So what does the future […]

Second Screen Popularity And The Younger Generation

4 years ago

The age of families gathering around a TV to simply sit and watch programmes together seems to be a thing of the past. Second screen usage is now part of everyday life, especially amongst millennials (those aged between 16 and 34). No longer is all viewer attention directed at TV content; now it is shared […]

How Millennials Preference For OTT Could Determine The Future Of TV

4 years ago

You have probably heard that millennials have a preference for OTT when it comes to viewing video content. You may know that they quote providers such as YouTube and Netflix as being their preferred option, as opposed to traditional TV. What will probably surprise you is that this behaviour amongst millennials is not just restricted […]

Live Sports More Popular Than Ever Among Millennials

4 years ago

As baby boomers begin to die off, and Generation X ages, millennials are slowly becoming the majority of the industry’s target audience. They are a very valuable audience and needless to say that they are responsible for major technological disruptions. And when we say that we refer to live sports. Millennials have certainly played a […]

A Survey Reveals Rising Popularity of Video Streaming Over Live TV in the U.S.

4 years ago

Most Americans now prefer watching operas and movies through streaming websites like Netflix instead of watching it live on TV. A survey conducted by a consulting firm, Deloitte, last year found that about 53% of Americans stream TV shows and 56% prefer streaming videos on a monthly basis, while only 46% prefer watching it live. The study revealed that internet-streaming […]

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