Tips For Winning Back Subscribers

3 years ago

If you are running a subscription billing model then you are going to encounter times when customers decide to end their subscriptions; it’s a fact of life. Having said that, it’s something that you want to try and avoid as much as possible as you have to maintain and increase subscription levels in order to […]

How To Use YouTube For Marketing

4 years ago

We are all aware that social media platforms can be a powerful marketing channels for your business. Last week, we discussed tips on how to market your business on Facebook and Twitter and today we are going to explore the ways you can promote your business, using YouTube. So, how to get started marketing your business on YouTube? Brand […]

How To Use Twitter For Marketing

4 years ago

Twitter can be a powerful marketing channel, offering users the chance to share, connect, interact, follow, search, praise in 140 character tweets. Usually, B2B marketers use Twitter to attract prospects, interact and engage with potential customers, increase brand awareness and more. If you want to start using Twitter as a marketing tool for your business, […]

How To Use Facebook For Marketing

4 years ago

At the moment, Facebook is the biggest social platform and a place where you can market your business, develop your brand identity and create good relationships with potential customers. However, before you start using Facebook as a marketing tool for your business, you should have the following things in mind. Have A Clear Goal And […]

Why Social Media Is An Effective Marketing Tool

4 years ago

For the past few years, social media has been a place where you can engage and interact with people as well as brands.  Needless to say that life without Facebook and Twitter is simply unbearable.  There have been a lot of studies that indicate that social media marketing is actually good for your business as many marketers have claimed […]

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