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The Lucrative Potential of Pre-Season

1 year ago

It is sometimes claimed that Pre Season matches are not of much interest to supporters or do not carry significant commercial opportunity for the teams involved (ignoring Premier League clubs and their jollies to the US, Asia and beyond). However announcements last week and our experiences as a monetisation business appear to be kicking those […]

How Sport Is Using Technology To Improve The Fan Experience

3 years ago

The watching of live sports is one of the major activities in content viewing today. The major players in the world of sport have not been slow to recognize this fact; this includes sports teams as well as leagues and venues. They know how important it is to optimize the fan experience. There is so […]

How 2-tier Sports Can Benefit From Live Streaming

4 years ago

In my previous posts, I’ve discussed about why live sports is the future of live streaming, the growth of 4K and new production techniques. This time, around I will talk about the benefits of live streaming and how 2-tier sports can actually benefit from it. The appetite for live streaming of sports continues to grow. One of the […]

The Growth Of 4K And New Production Techniques

4 years ago

From what I’ve discussed in my previous post “Live Sports Leads The Way In The Future Of Live Streaming”,  the future of live sports’ sure looks bright. Over the years, producers of sports content have always been innovative in bringing live sports closer to people viewing at home. Today, there is more emphasis on creating content to […]

How Much Does Streaming Sports Video Cost?

4 years ago

There is nothing quite like the thrill of a live sporting event. Your team probably thrives on the game itself and on the presence of its fans. The problem is that not all fans can get to every game. They may live miles away or they may not be well enough to attend in person. […]

Is Live Sports Streaming On The Rise?

4 years ago

If you know anything about the NFL you will know that its huge popularity continues to rise. It’s a juggernaut in the world of sports and powers its way along, with other popular sports franchises such as the NBA and NHL also continuing to increase their fan bases. As sport continues to rise in popularity with […]

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