Cord Cutting Is Growing Fast

4 years ago

The widespread access to digital content on services such as Netflix and HBO GO has made cord cutting an option for more and more households, following the release of recent research by eMarketer, predicting that the trend will accelerate in the next few years. Far from being slow growing, the research suggests that cord cutting, as it has […]

Are TV Viewers Finally Ready to Cut the Cord?

4 years ago

In the US, “cord-cutting”, that is, choosing not to continue paying for traditional cable television packages, is becoming a very real (and a very scary, at least for television networks) trend. In fact, over the pond, 2015 has been hailed as the “year of the cord cutter”. So why are people shunning the networks to which they’ve previously […]

Video-on-Demand Is More Competitive Than Ever

4 years ago

With the market for Video on Demand (VOD) ever expanding so competition is increasing between the major and up and coming providers. Traditionally Netflix has been the big player in VOD, with a reputation for streaming high quality content, and a lucrative deal with Disney under its belt. The landscape seems to be changing though, […]

Is OTT The Right Direction for Telcos?

4 years ago

As demand increases for Internet delivered video content so the choice between IPTV (Internet Protocol television) and OTT (over-the-top). They both use the Internet as a means of delivery, but other than that they are very different entities. In order to see why OTT is emerging as the go to option for telcos it’s important to […]

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