Streaming Events For Raising Money And Awareness

4 years ago

In a society where many people are already financially stretched, and charitable courses are continually vying for attention to secure the limited funds available, live streaming of catastrophes and appeals, has become a necessary and vital tool for many charities. People often respond with more emotion to something that they can see and hear, and […]

Fundraising and the Music Industry: Success Stories

5 years ago

Fundraising and crowdfunding are undoubtedly penetrating in many spheres of our lives and significantly contribute, support and  improve the current society. In the post, we’ll evaluate its implications on the music industry. Foo Fighter’s Concerts Fundraising Spree Not so long ago, the Foo Fighters played a show their fans had arranged for them. In Richmond, Virginiafans […]

Corporate fundraising done right: Entourage the Movie closer to fans

5 years ago

Last week we had the chance to experience a whole new level in the showbiz fundraising world. Entourage: The Movie gave fans the chance to go to LA, meet the cast on set and be in the movie. And all that by donating for the Noreen Fraser Foundation to help them find a cure for women’s cancers. It seems that […]

Webinar: Social media fundraising

5 years ago

Last Thursday we had our first amazing webinar “Social media fundraising” about the In-player Donation app, where you could learn how the app works and how charities can benefit from it on social media whilst using it as part of their online fundraising strategy. For anyone who missed it, here’s the recorded version of the webinar […]

Social media fundraising webinar

5 years ago

We invite you to our very first webinar “Social media fundraising”, one of many to follow. Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge on Facebook? All those videos helped raise over 100 Million USD for the ALS foundation. And #GivingTuesday which has been a huge success in the past few years, is upon us again! Be ready […]

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