How to Use Facebook to Promote Content

2 years ago

For businesses which want to prioritise premium content, social media is of paramount importance. Knowing how to utilise social media effectively, however, can be difficult. This article will explore how you can promote content on Facebook. Facebook There is no database in the world quite like Facebook. On this platform, people freely reveal huge amounts […]

Live Streaming Is About To Boom

3 years ago

Online video is evolving. And, for both brands and regular people, one of the most exciting developments is live streaming. Platforms such as Periscope, Meercat, Facebook Live, and Blab give users the ability to broadcast video content live, and this will change how companies use video to reach and engage consumers, as well as how […]

Is Live Streaming A Threat To Sport’s Broadcasters?

3 years ago

Is live streaming representing a threat to sport’s broadcasters? Social video is picking up popularity apace and social media networks are recognizing the possibilities that sports media presents. Just last week Twitter struck a deal to stream NFL games on a Thursday night. This is not the only evidence of the online giants entering the […]

Facebook Expands Live To All US iPhone Users

3 years ago

First it was offered to public figures, now Facebook has expanded the availability of its video live streaming facility to all users of its iPhone app, based in the US. The California-based company plans to extend availability to outside the US in the coming weeks. Android users may have to wait a little longer with […]

As Apple Pulls The Plug On iAd What Is The Future Of Mobile Advertising?

3 years ago

You have probably seen the news that Apple is ending its mobile advertising solution, iAd, after trying to make it work since its 2010 launch. Advertisers were never really on board with the less intrusive approach of the Apple offering, so they probably won’t be shedding any tears. You may be thinking that this is good news […]

Should Google Be Worried By Facebook Live Streaming?

3 years ago

To the casual observer, it may seem as though Google and Facebook are worlds apart. You use one as a search engine and the other one as a social media platform, right? Well yes, but it’s not quite that simple; both giants of the Internet are constantly competing to secure the major slice of the online advertising pie. This […]

How To Use Facebook For Marketing

4 years ago

At the moment, Facebook is the biggest social platform and a place where you can market your business, develop your brand identity and create good relationships with potential customers. However, before you start using Facebook as a marketing tool for your business, you should have the following things in mind. Have A Clear Goal And […]

Why Social Media Is An Effective Marketing Tool

4 years ago

For the past few years, social media has been a place where you can engage and interact with people as well as brands.  Needless to say that life without Facebook and Twitter is simply unbearable.  There have been a lot of studies that indicate that social media marketing is actually good for your business as many marketers have claimed […]

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