Streaming Events For Raising Money And Awareness

4 years ago

In a society where many people are already financially stretched, and charitable courses are continually vying for attention to secure the limited funds available, live streaming of catastrophes and appeals, has become a necessary and vital tool for many charities. People often respond with more emotion to something that they can see and hear, and […]

How Can Religious Organizations Use Live Streaming

5 years ago

Religious organizations and churches are exploiting live streaming technologies to the extent that left many people surprised (including us). Those kind of organizations were quick to detect the opportunities and found out how to implement those technologies to easily stream live events, community meetings and study groups. The easy setup and the low hardware and equipment costs are some of […]

Social media fundraising webinar

5 years ago

We invite you to our very first webinar “Social media fundraising”, one of many to follow. Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge on Facebook? All those videos helped raise over 100 Million USD for the ALS foundation. And #GivingTuesday which has been a huge success in the past few years, is upon us again! Be ready […]

Are you a Charity with a Facebook presence?

5 years ago

Are you a charity with a Facebook presence? How can you make this be worth your while? If you’re a charity you’re probably used to using social media as a vital means of raising your profile and contacting more potential contributors. But do you make the most of your social media traffic from a monetization […]

Donations plug-in from InPlayer revolutionises charity fundraising

5 years ago

If you think we are making a grand claim then you are probably right, but it’s one we can back up with facts. The team at InPlayer has had the Donations plug-in developed for a while and now we are bringing it to the charities it was created to help. We use the word “revolutionises” […]

Donations – Easy, Simple, Charitable

5 years ago

In this fast-paced world online video is one of the key ways of getting your message across a multitude of users worldwide. Naturally, free services like YouTube and Vimeo are the fastest growing social networks for such video content. How simple is YouTube or Vimeo integration? Well, you just copy the link, paste it into […]

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