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Top 10 Video Streaming Services On the Market Today

1 year ago

Cutting cables in droves seems to be very popular nowadays and a lot of companies are putting out their online streaming options to compete. Marathon watching TV is the new most popular leisure activity with more and more video streaming services emerging on the market each year. In the beginning of the cord cutting era […]

The Latest UK and US Online Video Trends

3 years ago

According to the Limelight Network’s fourth semi-annual State of Online Video research report, which explores consumer perceptions and behaviors around digital content, millennials, and males are currently watching the most online video content. After surveying consumers in the US and UK, Limelight Networks revealed that more than three-quarters watch online video at least once a week and […]

Cord Cutting and The Future of Television

3 years ago

Industry pundits predicted that, by now, traditional television would have perished. Like the music industry, which has been irrevocably changed by the likes of iTunes and Spotify, television viewers were supposed to have moved to online alternatives – citing high costs, an abundance of low-quality or niche content, and atrocious customer service as the reasons. […]

Popularity Of Streaming Video Is High But Not As Many Are Cutting The Cord

3 years ago

People who stream video are now almost in the majority but this does not mean they are necessarily cutting the cord with their more traditional TV services. You may have heard a lot about cord cutting recently. This is the situation whereby people remove themselves from traditional TV viewing and choose to stream video online […]

Making OTT Content Work For Cord Cutting Generation

4 years ago

The world of traditional TV watching is now a thing of the past. More and more people are moving away from the TV experience to embrace the use of a solid broadband connection to provide their viewing needs. OTT is becoming a mainstream way of viewing content. Using an OTT provider, viewers can check out […]

Where does cord cutting fit in US Over the Top trends?

4 years ago

As Over the Top (OTT) continues in its growth in popularity, for the viewing of on demand video content, so it’s interesting to take a look at the ongoing trends, especially in the area of cord-cutting, and the services viewers use. Cord-cutting, also popular as cord-cheating, whereby pay TV subscribers seek an alternative way of […]

Are TV Viewers Finally Ready to Cut the Cord?

4 years ago

In the US, “cord-cutting”, that is, choosing not to continue paying for traditional cable television packages, is becoming a very real (and a very scary, at least for television networks) trend. In fact, over the pond, 2015 has been hailed as the “year of the cord cutter”. So why are people shunning the networks to which they’ve previously […]

What Does The Apple, HBO Deal Mean To Content Owners

4 years ago

So, we’re all gloomy eyed and restless over the Spring Forward announcements from Apple, and this one for HBO and Apple merging over great content is definitely the cherry on the top. Here’s why you should be happy: Content drives everything Never has an Apple event been more about content since the iPod introduction. And now […]

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