Global Sports Viewing – Key Driver of Mobile Adoption

1 year ago

By the middle of 2018 more than 60% of all global sports viewing will happen on mobile devices. This is stated and predicted in the Q3 2017 edition of the Global Video Index published by Ooyala. According to this report global sports viewing is preferred on mobile devices rather than tablets for plays. Mobile plays […]

The Arrival Of A New Broadcasting Era For Major League Sports

3 years ago

The thirst for Major League sports leagues such as the NBA and then NHL is a greater than ever, as is the hunger for more detailed content such as video highlights and statistical breakdowns. This is why the video streaming of Major League sports is so high profile. Yahoo now has a deal with the […]

Digital Content Consumption: The New Mainstream Standard

4 years ago

We live in a rapidly changing world, where the catalyst for change is the ever advancing march of digital technology. It’s changing the way we work, and the way we shop. It’s making communication easier, and creating a truly global world of business. What was considered an emerging technology has now become the standard where […]

Live Stream Broadcasting: Speed Requirements

4 years ago

Technological advances have opened up doors for modern broadcasters. There’s no longer a requirement to broadcast on television, with all the restrictions and challenges that brings with it, as people increasingly watch their favorite programs via non static platforms, by using laptops, tablets and smart phones. Whilst live streaming content can bring a wealth of […]

Evolution Of TV: Broadcasting And Monetization Models

4 years ago

We live in an ever changing world, where technological advances are changing the way that we live our lives: we learn differently, work differently, buy and sell differently, and communicate differently. And, of course, we now watch television differently as well. The evolution of TV is making it more accessible, more democratic, than ever before, and it’s […]

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