The Surprising Figures Behind Apple Subscription Services

3 years ago

When most people think of Apple they think of their devices, which is why you may be surprised by the figures surrounding the subscription services they provide around these devices. Apple recently announced that in 2015 the revenue from this subscription provision was an incredible $19.9 billion. This represented a 10% increase on the revenue produced in […]

As Apple Pulls The Plug On iAd What Is The Future Of Mobile Advertising?

4 years ago

You have probably seen the news that Apple is ending its mobile advertising solution, iAd, after trying to make it work since its 2010 launch. Advertisers were never really on board with the less intrusive approach of the Apple offering, so they probably won’t be shedding any tears. You may be thinking that this is good news […]

Impressive Growth Rate For Apple Music As It Reaches 10m Subscribers

4 years ago

Apple Music may have only launched in June 2015 but that has not stopped it making its mark. According to figures from the Financial Times the music streaming service has already managed to secure an impressive 10 million paying subscribers. Putting this into context, Spotify has so far been the major player in this area, and took six years […]

How To Develop For The New Apple TV

4 years ago

We did a lot of cool stuff in a very short period of time, so we thought that we could share this great story with you. In short, we meet the deadline for shipping an AppleTV app in just under two weeks, along with in-app purchase and integration into our system of entitlements, as well […]

What Does The Apple, HBO Deal Mean To Content Owners

4 years ago

So, we’re all gloomy eyed and restless over the Spring Forward announcements from Apple, and this one for HBO and Apple merging over great content is definitely the cherry on the top. Here’s why you should be happy: Content drives everything Never has an Apple event been more about content since the iPod introduction. And now […]

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