Google AMP About To Make Its Entrance

3 years ago

The deployment of Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project has been met with much excitement. The project has attracted interest from more than 5,000 developers who have registered to the Github repository of the program. Not all of them will go on to develop something but it’s a safe bet that many organizations will go on to […]

How Content Marketing Can Be A Formidable Force

4 years ago

You have probably heard plenty of people extolling the virtues of content marketing; but you may be wondering what the benefits really are. Can changing the way you think about marketing really make a difference to the way your business performs? The answer is that it can, as long as it is done in the […]

How To Use LinkedIn For Marketing

4 years ago

If your content is professionally oriented then LinkeIn would be a great place to promote your business. Like Facebook, you can use LinkedIn as a place to get involved in group discussions and if you do good, then very soon you’ll start getting recognized and suddenly everybody will check out your links and want to […]

How To Use YouTube For Marketing

4 years ago

We are all aware that social media platforms can be a powerful marketing channels for your business. Last week, we discussed tips on how to market your business on Facebook and Twitter and today we are going to explore the ways you can promote your business, using YouTube. So, how to get started marketing your business on YouTube? Brand […]

How To Use Facebook For Marketing

4 years ago

At the moment, Facebook is the biggest social platform and a place where you can market your business, develop your brand identity and create good relationships with potential customers. However, before you start using Facebook as a marketing tool for your business, you should have the following things in mind. Have A Clear Goal And […]

Can VOD Services Survive Without Ads?

4 years ago

VOD service providers have a problem. Adverts increase revenue, but they drive away viewers. So can VOD survive without ads? Video on demand (VOD) services seem to be in vogue, with the most successful VOD companies even acting like traditional broadcasters and creating their own big-budget series (think Orange is the New Black and House of Cards). That […]

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