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Do Millennial Streaming Habits Threaten Legitimate Companies?

3 years ago

According to a new study by creative agency Anatomy Media, two-thirds of young millennials use an ad blocker. Moreover, 69 percent of these stream pirate videos. So, do Millennial streaming habits threaten legitimate video entertainment companies? Anatomy Media’s survey – which studied 2,500 Americans aged 18-24 – found that two-thirds use an ad blocker and that […]

Ad Blocking Is a Serious Threat

3 years ago

Most web users prefer to access an ad free version of the internet, and ad blocking software has made this possible. However, many popular online content providers depend upon the revenue generated via advertising to keep their operations afloat. And so there’s a problem: in order for such businesses to survive, either ad blocking has […]

The Continued Growth Of Ad Blocking

3 years ago

If you thought the growth of ad blocking was going to slow anytime soon, it looks as though you were wrong. In December, Digital Content Next (DCN) released results of its research into the area. It found that 33% of US consumers were likely to try out some form of ad blocking software over the following three […]

Why Ad Blocking Presents Major Hurdle To Overcome In 2016

3 years ago

Ever since the launch of Apple’s iOS 9 platform, which enabled developers to build ad blocking technology into their apps, the ad blocking issue has loomed large on the radar of online video producers and marketers. The amount of potential revenue loss from ad blocking has been estimated to be as high as approaching $22 billion. […]

Why The Rise In Ad Blocking Looks Set To Continue

3 years ago

The significant rise in ad blocking software has become a major talking point in the digital media industry and beyond. It has become such a big topic that it has even reached into the realms of popular culture. The subject was the main feature in two episodes of the last season of South Park and it even […]

If It’s On South Park Then You Know It’s Big

3 years ago

This season South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have taken a very big swipe at ad blocking and sponsored content. Never shy to address any high profile subject, the show took a satirical look at how we cannot avoid ads in the episodes “Sponsored Content” and “Truth and Advertising”. One thing’s for sure; if the topic has attracted […]

Ad blocking – What Does It Mean For The Future Of Advertising?

4 years ago

There’s been much discussion recently, about ad blocking signaling a period of doom and gloom in the world of advertising. Is this really the case? The first thing to say is that the discussion is certainly warranted. In the 12 months prior to June 2015, ad blocking in the UK grew by 18%. Apple has […]

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