6 months ago is in tune with the ever-increasing convergence of TV, Internet and mobile telecommunications, and offers endless exclusive video content, as well as live video streams of a variety of sporting events, such as the UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League, the Spanish Football Primera División, Austrian Bundesliga, CEV Volleyball Champions League and the EHF […]


6 months ago

KnowledgeVision is the leader in smart media creation and hosting technology. Their Knovio video platform is used by more than 225,000 people worldwide in more than 2,000 companies and campuses to create, host, share, organise, collaborate around, and measure online media content. The InPlayer integration provides Knovio customers with seamless options to create a new […]


9 months ago

Founded in 2007, Panopto is the renowned video platform of choice for universities and businesses, especially built for their specific needs. Designed as a reliable and easy to use solution for the management, streaming and recording of all their video functionalities. Panopto’s structure was specifically engineered so that any student, lecturer or employee can seamlessly […]


10 months ago


10 months ago

Piksel has been building successful online video businesses for over a decade. Their offering of strategic, professional and managed services is underpinned by the Piksel Palette’s SaaS-based infrastructure. It’s this recipe, combined with Piksel commitment to creating mutually beneficial partnerships, that enables their media and entertainment clients to prosper in today’s video market. Piksel’s unrivalled […]


10 months ago

Arqiva together with InPlayer enable broadcasters and content owners to enhance and monetise their assets, delivering their content across multiple platforms and territories with the highest standards of service. Combining Arquiva’s technology with InPlayer’s industry leading Paywall allows Arquiva clients to quickly and easily monetise and protect their premium media content. This includes flexible options […]


10 months ago

Bitmovin is a multimedia technology company which provides services that transcode digital video and audio to streaming formats using cloud computing, and streaming media players. Founded in 2013, the Austrian company contributes to MPEG-DASH, an open standard that allows streaming video to be played in HTML5 video and Flash players. It is focused on adaptive […]

Stream Monkey

10 months ago

Founded in 2011, Stream Monkey had a vision to help non-profit organisations within the religious section to simplify the way users share, connect, and engage with their congregations. Since then, Stream Monkey’s online video community has expanded to offer more industries the latest live streaming innovations for any type of online broadcast. Stream Monkey has […]

The Streaming Company

10 months ago

The Streaming Company is an independently owned live streaming company that started in 2010. The Streaming Company helps businesses of all sizes broadcast their video and audio to a large range of devices all over the world. The Streaming Company offer many diverse options to clients including encoding, back haul via fibre, satellite or even […]

Unified Streaming

10 months ago

Unified Streaming provides software for streaming, offline and on the fly packaging and recording of streaming video and audio. Unified Streaming platform aims to deliver content from a single source to various formats, avoiding the need for duplicate content storage. Combining Unified Streaming’s technology with InPlayer’s industry leading paywall allows Unified Streaming customers to quickly […]

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