SVOD, Churn Rate – How OTT Providers Go Direct-To-Consumers

1 month ago

In our series of blog articles on OTT monetization models, we are exploring the different monetization models for content providers launching an OTT service. This second article on content monetization will be covering one of the most established and popular OTT Revenue Model: the Subscription Video-On-Demand model, called SVOD. SVOD, is when a customer pays […]

7 Best Practices to Set Up a Live Video Stream

4 months ago

Today, it’s easier than ever before to launch a live video stream. Anyone can get started with live video streaming in just moments using a smartphone. And the audience is huge. According to this study, a full third of all online activity is spent watching video. That said, you want to make sure that you […]

Geo-pricing: A Key to Global Paid Content Strategy

6 months ago

Geo-pricing and pricing intelligence is becoming the new norm these days. This is mainly due to the popularity of e-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay which put the pressure on smaller companies to monitor the prices of their competitors. Just like many other things in developing a successful business, intelligent geo-pricing optimization is key to […]

10 Best Mobile Live Streaming Apps (2019)

7 months ago

What a better way to boost your business sales or connect with your audience than with a live broadcast, from your phone from anywhere you want using live streaming apps. Now, we all know that live video streaming doesn’t need no further introduction. It simply can display million of words by the help of instant […]

The Ongoing Full Stream Ahead Trend with VoD

8 months ago

The traditional definition of what it means to watch TV and how to watch it have drastically changed in the past 10 years or so. Consumers are in control more than ever of what they watch, when they watch and how they watch. If watching TV meant sitting in front of the screen, waiting for […]

Upcoming Sportel Monaco 2018

8 months ago

This year Sportel Monaco – the most influential business convention for sports media industry – is going to be held from 22nd October to 24th October 2018 in Grimaldi Forum, Monaco. This event showcases a lot of product launches, great presentations from top-level executives and discussions about the future of sports content, new media and […]

Enterprise Video Content Skyrockets ROI

8 months ago

The adoption of enterprise video content is already skyrocketing ROI in businesses as video enables their employees to look in the eyes of their clients wherever they might be. The researchers at Technavio think the global online video platform market will grow 14.88% by 2020. This is mainly because the management of video content due […]

What We’ve Learned at IBC 2018 – A Recap

9 months ago

Almost 60,000 media professionals from more than 170 countries took to Amsterdam this September for the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), one of the world’s biggest media and broadcasting conferences. It was an amazing experience for InPlayer with abundance of new technology and changes hoping to have huge impact on the whole media industry. We took […]

Will Every Business Evolve Into A Subscription Business Model?

9 months ago

In the era where the so called “unknown customer” is no longer the case, the subscription business model is becoming a hot topic of discussion. The subscription business market has grown by more than 100% in sales yearly. It was roughly $57 million in 2011 and has come to a to $2.6 billion in 2016. […]

9 Valuable Conversion Rate Optimization Stats

10 months ago

Every professional and serious business owning a website will tell you that in order to be successful publisher you need to get conversions from buyers in order to monetize your content efforts. However, this process involves a lot of hard work and planning to put the monetization plans in place. And the fruits of your […]

Best Pricing Page Tactics to Drive More Sales

10 months ago

Pricing pages are probably the most important pages on your website. Getting it right means visitors turn into leads, lead turn into customers. On the other hand, If you get it wrong, prospects will most probably close the tab and leave for good. The art of writing a good pricing page is not an easy […]

Live-Streaming for Business: Strategies to Make the Most Out of It

11 months ago

Live-streaming may be a key trend of today, with increasing range of brands and people trying streaming in their efforts to boost reach and audience engagement. And whereas not everybody may be a live-stream star and not each and every live-stream attracts an audience, there is clearly demand there. Facebook says the daily watch time […]

Will Sports Cloud TV and OTT Services Take Over Traditional TV?

11 months ago

The Netflix and Amazon streaming model has revolutionised entertainment TV viewing in recent years. This same concept started entering the world of sport as well with a fast pace. There are many sport streaming services today looking to take on the giants of pay-TV. The question we often ask nowadays is whether cloud TV and […]

Transitioning to a SaaS Subscription Model

12 months ago

Accenture published a research in 2016 saying digital products will make up 25% of the world’s entire economy by 2020. High performers in the digital business arena of the future won’t just consume more technology but also enable their customers to accomplish more with technology. New corporate cultures will be created that use technology helping […]

Top 6 Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies to Increase Sales

12 months ago

Every professional and serious business owning a website will tell you that in order to be successful publisher you need to get conversions from buyers in order to monetize your content efforts. However, this process involves a lot of hard work and planning to put the monetization plans in place. And the fruits of your […]

7 Effective Ways to Monetize Video for Education

1 year ago

Technology has played an important role in improving and expanding education worldwide. Video content, for that matter, presents amazing opportunity as an aid for education and teaching. Video for education in particular has been transforming how we interact, collaborate and share knowledge. More and more students worldwide expect to learn and connect using online video, […]

What Triggers Our Love for Live Video and Sharing

1 year ago

It is not too much of a exaggeration if we say that live video is the richest medium of digital content by which we can reach people and even change their behaviour. This comes as a result from video being a combination of sound, sight and motion eliciting emotions and touching both our senses and […]

Top 10 Video Monetization Platforms (2019)

1 year ago

If you happen to be in the subscription video on demand business time has never been better to start organizing your efforts and creativity around video monetization. The world of SVOD has become so massive that even major media outlets have started their own platforms. It is expected to reach 75 billion in the year […]

Why SVOD Parental Control Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

1 year ago

The way audiences consume entertainment has never been more prevailing as with the rapid expansion of SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) and OTT (Over-the-Top) services. In a new study of the top US streaming video platforms and digital content providers, the Parents Television Council – an education organisation advocating responsible entertainment – found that parental controls are negligent […]

5 Highest Viewed PPV Sporting Events in History

1 year ago

Driven by all the new technology modern time has given us, PPV (Pay-per-View) has become both a huge sensation and a big business. Our thirst for the next live performance or sporting event has never been greater. Our viewing habits as customers have changed to the extent that we demand to watch content on any […]

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