Why Not to Host Video Content Yourself

1 year ago

As a producer of online content you have probably decided to take advantage of the ever growing appetite for online video content and produce your own online videos. Once you have your product all ready to go you can just upload your video to your WordPress site the way you do images, right? Well, yes […]

Top 5 Marketing Automation Tools For Subscription Businesses

1 year ago

Marketing automation gives companies the opportunities to adopt the philosophy of giving the right message, at the right time, to the right leads thus drastically increasing conversion rates, by sending relevant content, offers, and more to their contacts. More and more companies feel the urge to automate their marketing strategies as much as possible in […]

What Are the Most Common Live Streaming Mistakes?

1 year ago

Live streaming has become very powerful tool to spread brand awareness across different channels and to various audiences. Truth is live streaming has started out as something completely informal and spontaneous done by mobile users not bothering with video or audio quality, but rather just enjoying the live video moment. Knowing its current state of […]

9 Steps to Monetize Your Sport Event Live Stream

5 years ago

Whether you’re streaming a league season that is available on cable TV, a championship, a friendly match, a charity tournament or an exclusive event that is available online, you must always carefully plan every part of your preparation process to make sure you get a solid ROI. Live streaming seems very easy and logical in […]

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