Product Updates

How to Secure OTT Providers’ Profitability with Roku In-app Purchases and InPlayer’s Paywall

2 weeks ago

As time has gone on, over-the-top (OTT) content has continued to change the media landscape. And in order to thrive in this increasingly crowded marketplace, content owners needed to produce immersive digital experiences at scale.  In 2018 and 2019, the media industry saw significant acquisitions – including Disney-Fox, AT&T-Time Warner, Comcast-Sky – setting the scene […]

InPlayer’s Latest Product Updates

2 months ago

H1 2019 has been really dynamic at InPlayer. From attending major video industry events to releasing new product features on a weekly basis, our people have been busy behind-the-scenes, working across different teams and making updates and improvements to our product. The new features we’ve released so far not only allow more secure, scalable and […]

2018 Year in Review for InPlayer’s Paywall

8 months ago

2018 flew so fast here at InPlayer keeping us busy all year round, making us deliver and accomplish so many great things in relation to our paywall. Our product got so much attention this year, but we should not forget our whole team which continues to be recognized as the best in the industry. 2018 […]

Introducing New Restriction Features to our Paywall

9 months ago

InPlayer continues to bring new features and enhancement to its paywall solution and today is very happy to announce the addition of new restriction features, available through to the paywall user interface and our API. These are “Geo restriction”, “Domain restriction” and “Geo pricing” capabilities. Why use restrictions and how can they benefit you? Geo […]

Next Generation Paywall is Here

1 year ago

The paint is still wet, the smell of fresh code lingers in the air. We just finished our latest major product update and it’s with great pride that we today announced that our next generation paywall is ready! Built for the future This new generation paywall is built for the future. We wanted to build […]

Your users can now pay for premium content using PayPal

2 years ago

We’re writing this update to let you all know that we’ve built in support for PayPal as a new payment method in the paywall. But what we really want to talk about is how important it is for us to make sure you get the best conversion rates possible when using our paywall. It’s about trust So how is […]

Launching social signup and more flexible user registration

2 years ago

We’ve recently launched three additional features to improve access control of your premium content. The recent updates include adding custom meta fields in user registration, management of how many concurrent sessions you allow, and finally – this might be most important one – Social Login. In short, signing up to your site has just become […]

Wistia Integration Instructions

2 years ago

To learn more about how to add a paywall layer on your Wistia OVP, you need to follow the steps, found in our PDF instruction package, which includes: How to: Create a new Wistia Asset Modify the Asset Wistia Video ID / Embed Code Embed the Asset on your website Please click the button below: […]

InPlayer Launches Paywall Fully Integrated WordPress Plugin

3 years ago

London, UK: Inplayer, Inc. who are redefining digital asset monetization announced today the release of Paywall for WordPress which is a fully integrated paywall plugin enabling publishers to monetize any digital asset. “Being able to give over 60 million websites a simple tool to monetize their content within the WordPress environment is an important step. Getting […]

InPlayer Splash Page Enables Streamlined Payment Experience

4 years ago

InPlayer is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience. That’s why the team has been testing an innovative splash page solution for the last few months. Working with a select group of partners, InPlayer has designed a splash page feature that is easy to build and simplifies the viewer payment process. InPlayer knows how […]

Direct Debit Payments for Video Content

4 years ago

Inplayer specializes in helping individuals and organisations monetize video content. From now on, those seeking to do this will be able to use Direct Debit as a payment option. What are the benefits? Direct Debit is simple and convenient way for viewers to pay for video content. With a Direct DebitInstruction set up with the customer, payment […]

InPlayer integrates Apple Pay

4 years ago

We are happy to announce the integration of Apple Pay into our video monetization technology, making our Paywall the first video paywall to enable users to pay for video content directly from their Apple account. Apple Pay, which launched in the UK in July, is now fully incorporated into InPlayer, thereby making it possible for […]

InPlayer keeping pace with the Brightcove New Video Cloud

4 years ago

We are happy to announce that our partner, Brightcove, has recently made their New Video Cloud available to all customers using their services. The new platform is much faster than the previous one, and the process for accessing your video library is much simpler, meaning it takes just a few clicks. Here are just a few of the […]

InPlayer Integrates With SlimPay To Enable Direct Debit Payments

4 years ago

We’ve got some exciting new for our European stakeholders. From now on, we are able to process Direct Debit payments through our products. What does SEPA Direct Debit Payments Mean?   SEPA Direct Debit is a Europe-wide Direct Debit system that allows merchants to collect Euro-denominated payments from accounts in the 34 SEPA countries and associated territories. […]

Make Way For The New v6 Plugin, v5 Is Officially Retired

4 years ago

It’s time to say goodbye and time to say welcome at the same time. We are very proud to announce, that after a successful beta testing phase, yesterday we have pushed our new rebranded and redesigned v6 plugin live. All publishers have been automatically switched to the new plugin, without making any changes, client wise. Support and […]

Inplayer Integrates With Braintree

5 years ago

2014 was a blast. We’ve been dedicated to constantly improving our service and end user experience, both for the viewers and for the publishers. This is why we kicked off 2015 with some very exciting changes. We proudly announce that as of January 1st, 2015, we are integrated with Braintree – a Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant service […]

InPlayer and the EU VAT Changes

5 years ago

We would like to inform you about the changes to VAT (Value-added tax) rules coming into effect from Jan 1st 2015. E-services such as video-on-demand (VoD) and live streaming provided to customers in the European Union will be affected by this new change. At the moment, VAT for these types of service is charged and accounted […]

In-player e-commerce

5 years ago

We’ve previously written blog posts where we introduced our in-player paywall, which is a great tool for monetizing your video content without advertising. This blog post is about our in video e-commerce app. That’s right. With our e-commerce plug in you can shop and sell within a video. And setting it all up is as […]

Donations plug-in from InPlayer revolutionises charity fundraising

5 years ago

If you think we are making a grand claim then you are probably right, but it’s one we can back up with facts. The team at InPlayer has had the Donations plug-in developed for a while and now we are bringing it to the charities it was created to help. We use the word “revolutionises” […]

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