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D-Day now means Data day!

2 months ago

The 25th of May is here! By now, any citizen of an EU or EEA country must be aware what that date means. Or at least anyone in Europe who has an active email address that has been used to sign up for anything. It’s the big GDPR day! Sweden was recently ranked as the […]

Your users can now pay for premium content using PayPal

8 months ago

We’re writing this update to let you all know that we’ve built in support for PayPal as a new payment method in the paywall. But what we really want to talk about is how important it is for us to make sure you get the best conversion rates possible when using our paywall. It’s about trust So how is […]

Launching social signup and more flexible user registration

8 months ago

We’ve recently launched three additional features to improve access control of your premium content. The recent updates include adding custom meta fields in user registration, management of how many concurrent sessions you allow, and finally – this might be most important one – Social Login. In short, signing up to your site has just become […]

Does Google really want you to make money on content?

10 months ago

Google: Can’t work with it, can’t work around it. Recently the search giant has made two moves that both help and hurt content creators, making us scratch our collective head to wonder, “What do we need to do now?” Penalty-free paywalls The first change is actually good for content creators who want to make money from subscriptions to their content via […]

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Marketing technologist and designer from the startup world who cares deeply about user journeys and conversion rates. Driven by numbers, Emma is a strong believer that if you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

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