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Are We Ready For Micropayments With Bitcoin?

3 years ago

Micropayments are not a new idea. In fact, they first appeared in the mid- to late-nineties. However, these models generally failed – largely due to the cost of processing even tiny transactions. But Bitcoin may offer a solution to that problem. So, are we ready for micropayments with bitcoin? Bitcoin Bitcoin is a digital currency. […]

What Kinds of Content Are Users Willing to Pay For?

3 years ago

Recent advances in technology have shaken the video market, and it’s not yet clear how companies will monetise video content moving forward. The question on the lips of many video executive is, “what kinds of content are users willing to pay for”?   The Video Industry Is Changing The video industry has changed, dramatically. Ten […]

Tomorrow: Deborahs 2015 Conference on PPV Live Stream

3 years ago

We are all very aware that online video and live streaming are booming. Its worldwide rise is driven by many industries, but the unexpected market segment for many is: churches and religious organizations.  Live streaming of religious services has become mainstream in churches, especially in the U.S and with the emergence of apps like Merkaat and Periscope, the technology needed to […]

Has Subscription VoD Disrupted UK’s Digital Video Market

3 years ago

Subscription VOD is undoubtedly incredibly popular, and is becoming more popular every day. But what does this mean for the rest of the UK’s digital video market?   The UK digital video market is looking strong – very strong! In fact, in 2014 alone, the market grew by a whopping 55 percent, meaning that the […]

Top Tips for Attracting and Retaining Video Viewers

3 years ago

It’s safe to say that there’s little point in spending your valuable budget on producing video content that nobody watches. That’s why it’s so important to maximize potential revenue from your content.  One of the most important aspects of this is understanding your audience. You need to ascertain who is going to watch your content, […]

Can VOD Services Survive Without Ads?

3 years ago

VOD service providers have a problem. Adverts increase revenue, but they drive away viewers. So can VOD survive without ads? Video on demand (VOD) services seem to be in vogue, with the most successful VOD companies even acting like traditional broadcasters and creating their own big-budget series (think Orange is the New Black and House of Cards). That […]

InPlayer Integrates With SlimPay To Enable Direct Debit Payments

3 years ago

We’ve got some exciting new for our European stakeholders. From now on, we are able to process Direct Debit payments through our products. What does SEPA Direct Debit Payments Mean?   SEPA Direct Debit is a Europe-wide Direct Debit system that allows merchants to collect Euro-denominated payments from accounts in the 34 SEPA countries and associated territories. […]

Happy VOD Subscribers Give Netflix A Big Boost

3 years ago

Netflix is getting the much anticipated UI makeover. Projections say that it will rack up 80 million subscribers by end of 2016. It now accounts for 36.5% of Internet traffic in North America during peak usage hours. Those are some new updates related to the VOD and OTT juggernaut that paves the way for a massive growth.  Subscribers […]

What Is The Right Paywall For Monetizing Your Digital Content?

3 years ago

In the past there may have been a tendency to see a paywall as something to detract viewers, but with the ever increasing appetite for digital content, and the array of paywalls available, there is plenty of opportunity to effectively monetize your content, if you choose the right paywall. Of course, choosing the right paywall […]

Micropayments And Digital Content: Will It Become Mainstream?

3 years ago

The internet is awash with free content, and this has made any attempt to get readers to pay to read or view material extremely unpopular. But can a micropayment system get people paying for content again?   The News Problem Most major news publishers have probed the viability of making money online, to varying levels […]

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