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The Arrival Of A New Broadcasting Era For Major League Sports

The thirst for Major League sports leagues such as the NBA and then NHL is a greater than ever, as is the hunger for more detailed content such as video highlights and statistical breakdowns. This is why the video streaming of Major League sports is so high profile. Yahoo now has a deal with the MLB which enables it to stream one game on each day of the season and Twitter now has the rights to stream Thursday night football games.

This is the dawn of a completely new era in sports broadcasting; one which makes the most of the fact that people now have access to the internet at any time of day, wherever they are, through their mobile devices.


When the changes really began

Not so long ago, watching sport meant having to sit around a TV screen; if you were out and about then maybe you could keep up to date by listening to the radio. That was a very different world than the one that exists today. One of the biggest changes came back in 2010 when the MLB formed MLB Advanced Media. The NHL is one of the most recent partners with MLB Advanced Media with the deal to deliver hockey content through it various online channels.

This is a major step for hockey which has never had the same level of TV following as a sport such as baseball. This journey into online streaming enables the NHL to easily screen content to previously relatively untapped markets such as Africa and the Middle East. All four major US sports are now embracing live streaming as a means of reaching more fans, as well as giving the ones they already have more of the content they really want.

How Major League sports can make the most of video streaming

Now that the new age of broadcasting has begun it’s important that the Major Leagues make the most of the opportunity. There are several ways in which they can do this.

  • Make it easy to purchase individual games and groups of games as well as full season packages.
  • Make best use of third screen opportunities.
  • Encourage fun and engaging interactions by teams on social media.
  • Include video coverage created by fans.

It’s an exciting time for Major League sports broadcasting. Fans can now watch the content they crave whenever and wherever they want. It’s up to the leagues themselves to make the most of this extended coverage and keep fans engaged and entertained.

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