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Are you the next big thing in music?

If you answered yes to this question then you might want to ask yourself another one; how can you increase your fan base and get the money you need to continue to develop a successful career? The Internet gives you a great opportunity to perform on a global stage, and video monetization is the perfect promotional and revenue producing tool.

You could carry on a gigging in local bars and clubs forever and you may never reach your true potential. Produce a video of a performance, or even live stream an event, and it doesn’t just provide you with the opportunity to reach people around the world, it also gives you the chance to increase sales of your materials through an effective Paywall solution.

How can Paywall work for you?

The Paywall feature from InPlayer allows for either live streaming or video on demand (VOD) payment features. Think about the benefits of this. It gives more people the opportunity to see your performances while, at the same time, increasing the revenue you produce from performing.

It’s an easy to install solution that can also be customized to give your viewers an experience that’s specific to your brand. Payment options are varied and include credit and debit cards and the online secure payment provision PayPal. You can choose to opt for pay-per-view or give fans the chance to subscribe to an online service so that they can view all of your content for a regular payment amount.

Much as you can do for a face-to-face gig, you can provide ticket offers using the InPlayer voucher system through which you can give money off certain performances. It’s a great way to give people the experience of listening to your music while also seeing that they’re getting value for their money.

Not everyone is a talent show wannabe

We live in the age of endless pre-packaged talent shows which may have a place in weekend entertainment but are not necessarily the platform that a lot of serious musicians would choose. Screening videos of your gigs, and monetizing the content, gives you an alternative where you have creative control over reaching a wider audience and bringing in additional finance. You know that what you are offering is a great musical product; you shouldn’t have to rely on a bunch of judges to get you the audience and the career that you want; check out the Paywall features at InPlayer and you’ll take a large step towards achieving your music industry goals.

Make your own website, be a professional

Remember the 90’s when everybody had MySpace? Well now everybody’s got a website. And so should you. InPlayer can help you get your content out there like a professional. You don’t need anything too complicated and too demanding, and there are plenty of predefined CMS platforms, like Drupal, WordPress, etc. which are easily manageable and don’t require any serious IT skills.

You can then add the video content to the website by yourself, regardless of the OVP you choose. InPlayer works with a number of OVP (Online Video Platform) platforms (Brightcove, Kaltura, JW Player, ThePlatform, Piksel, Ooyala, Vyoo, Vimeo, Flowplayer, StreamUK, QBrick, Haivision) and choose the best that suits you.

All OVPs are different in terms of pricing and features offered. Whether you want to use a leading global provider like Brightcove, or use a free player like JW Player and handle the video hosting and streaming on your own server, it’s up to you. Let us know your budget and business plan, we can help you choose the OVP and player most adapted to your needs .

Stream your gigs on your website, monetize them using our secure plug and play Paywall, sell accessories on it using our e-commerce in-player plug and play plug-in, or ask the public to contribute and make a donation using our in-player plug-in so you can concentrate on your music. The options are endless. Because all our plugins are in-player, they will travel with your player and can be posted across the web on affiliate sites or on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Get in touch with us, we’d love to hear your story and help you make the best of it.

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