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Are you a Charity with a Facebook presence?

Are you a charity with a Facebook presence? How can you make this be worth your while?

If you’re a charity you’re probably used to using social media as a vital means of raising your profile and contacting more potential contributors. But do you make the most of your social media traffic from a monetization point of view?

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, have proved to be a much needed promotional resource for charities. As a charity you can interact with the people you want to be aware of your cause.

Distributing video content via Facebook

If you produce video to promote your charity then you’ve probably already discovered the benefits of using Facebook to get the content out there. Every time someone chooses to watch and share your video the profile of your charity is raised. If the content is well-produced and high-quality then you are going to get a considerable number of shares; it’s possible that the content may go viral. All of this is great; it’s really good news that more people are becoming aware of your charity. It’s also likely that you will receive some additional donations as a result of the views that you receive. However, you could be getting more from your Facebook video content, especially financially.

Using an innovative paywall to monetize your video content

Imagine how much you could gain in donations if every person viewing your video had the ability to donate there and then. The “Donations” plug-in from InPlayer allows this to happen. When someone clicks to view your video on Facebook they have the option of donating in-video. There is no need for them to navigate to another link or complete a complicated online form. It’s as simple as a click and they can donate directly while watching your content. The great news is that this paywall provision travels with the video when it’s shared and embedded on Facebook so it’s a simple installation and you’re good to go.

The “Donations” plug-in is a perfect solution for both raising a charity’s profile and for digital fundraising. As your social media video views increase every new viewer has the opportunity to donate there and then. If you merely want to keep track of your viewers, and the success of your campaign, “Donations” has the analytics to allow you to do just that.

If you want to monetize your Facebook video content contact us today.


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