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What Does The Apple, HBO Deal Mean To Content Owners

So, we’re all gloomy eyed and restless over the Spring Forward announcements from Apple, and this one for HBO and Apple merging over great content is definitely the cherry on the top. Here’s why you should be happy:

Content drives everything

Never has an Apple event been more about content since the iPod introduction. And now we have long form video joining the stage. Previous announcements involved hardware and software upgrades, but this is a more bold statement as ever that: Content drives everything, and you have it. The greatest premium independent production network has joined forces to be paired with the greatest device and cloud distributor in the world. In the wise words of Mr. Frank Underwood: “If you don’t like how the table is set, turn over the table”!

House of Cards quote

Clouds and ecosystems will kneel at the mercy of the mindful consumer

People will be decoupled from their cable contracts, mobile contracts and committals they don’t want, but will eagerly pay for quality content. The subscription allowance will become a customary item in the bill, because the choices and niche markets will be wide open. it is easier than ever to find a distribution network, the Internet is your oyster and as for monetization, it now travels in-player anywhere.

It’s a new dawn, its a new day, and you are in the right place.

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