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Setting Up Paid Subscriptions On Your Website

05 April 2016 by

Making the decision to set up paid subscriptions on your website is the easy part; you then have to actually do it. If you try searching for alternatives online then it can start to get very […]

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What To Look For When Choosing A Paywall Software Vendor

29 March 2016 by

Choosing a paywall software vendor is not always an easy decision; you need to make sure that you get exactly the service you need. It’s important to take some time to think through all aspects of […]

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How Does A Paywall Actually Work?

22 March 2016 by

In this blog, we are going to take a look at the technology behind a paywall and how it actually works.  If you want to set up paid subscriptions effectively then it’s really important you understand […]

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InPlayer Digital Content Monetisation Tools

18 February 2016 by

Video accounts for over half of all Internet traffic today; every day billions of videos are watched worldwide. You can see how important it is to produce and publish videos of your brand, business or organisation […]

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How 2-tier Sports Can Benefit From Live Streaming

10 February 2016 by

In my previous posts, I’ve discussed about why live sports is the future of live streaming, the growth of 4K and new production techniques. This time, around I will talk about the benefits of live streaming and how 2-tier […]

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Join the Growth of Streaming as Netflix Continues Expansion

11 January 2016 by

Last week, Netflix stole the thunder after revealing that it has expanded its reach into 130 new countries. #NetflixEverywhere is available almost everywhere across the globe, with a few notable exceptions including China, Syria and Crimea. We […]

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West Coast Customs To Use InPlayer Paywall

11 December 2015 by

We are pleased to announce the start of our collaboration with West Coast Customs, TV’s most famous auto customizer. Our new clients will be offering their seasons as VOD (video on demand) on their website using InPlayer paywall. […]

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How To Develop For The New Apple TV

02 November 2015 by

We did a lot of cool stuff in a very short period of time, so we thought that we could share this great story with you. In short, we meet the deadline for shipping an AppleTV […]

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The infinite strength of the direct-to-API approach

07 August 2015 by

As ready as we’ve ever been to plug and play our off the shelf product, we have also been thorough in our intent to always cover and expand our Inplayer API Service in parallel with our other […]

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