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A Decade Of Success For Online Video

Watching online video has become a major daily activity for many, especially millennials. According to the latest figures an average viewer watches 1 hour 15 minutes of online video every day. That’s a huge potential viewership that online publishers can’t afford to miss out on. What’s more, the trend for cutting the cord seems set to continue throughout the decade. Developments are also ongoing, to make online video production a simpler process, such as the GIVE project which stands for global internet video ecosystem. The project is pushing forward HTML5 in order to helps producers create video content that is multi-device friendly.

Everything is pointing towards ongoing success for online video. But let’s take a closer look at some reasons why this is the case. We are going to examine four areas in which online video will shine.

Connected TVMobile compatibility

It’s no secret that since tablets really started to set the world alight in 2012 they have rapidly encroached on the PC market. This appetite for mobile shows no sign of waning. As devices improve so does the clarity of the mobile video experience, making mobile the perfect platform for accessing online video content anywhere and at any time.

Diversity of content

Traditional TV viewing has always been limited to content from a limited number of producers. Online video content can be produced by anyone and as such has a higher level of diversity. This increased amount of choice makes for an improved viewer experience. This is turn makes it more likely for people to opt for watching online video content.

Access to music

Access to online video gives viewers the chance to create their own personal music libraries, simply and effectively. It’s a great way of giving fans access to artists and allowing artists to reach a wider fan base and increase their revenue levels.

The immersive experience

Improvements in technology are paving the way to accomplishing a completely immersive experience for online video. At CES 2016, French start-up Homido introduced its VR headset to an American audience for the first time. The headset works by inserting any iOS or Android phone and enables users to be fully immersed in the video content they are watching.

You can see how online video content is already making its mark on the decade and will continue to do so. As an online content producer, you can’t afford to miss out. You also have to consider the effective monetization of your video content. InPlayer is a pioneer in monetization technology. We are proud of our links with those working in entertainment, to provide a default software layer, with our InPlayer paywall. It’s a simple and flexible solution that is easy to integrate. If you want to make the most of the growth of online video, and effectively monetize your content then just get in touch with us at info@inplayer.com.

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