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9 Steps to Monetize Your Sport Event Live Stream

Whether you’re streaming a league season that is available on cable TV, a championship, a friendly match, a charity tournament or an exclusive event that is available online, you must always carefully plan every part of your preparation process to make sure you get a solid ROI. Live streaming seems very easy and logical in today’s world of the Internet, but in order to assure that your stream is delivered to your audience, there are certain steps that need to be taken.

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Here are 9 steps to successfully monetize your sport event live stream. 

1. Plan your events date(s) in advance

We are not the experts in this area, but you probably know everything necessary in order to plan a sports event: Book the team, the athletes, book the venues, etc.

2. Shoot a trailer announcement

We believe in video. Video works. Period. There’s no better way of letting your audience know about the match or tournament than via a video trailer announcement.

3. Promotional posters

Besides the video, you should create promotional posters for your event. Promotional posters are an essential part of any successful digital marketing strategy. Pictures, just like video, are a graphical presentation. Unless words, concepts and ideas are hooked onto an image, they can go in one ear, sail through the brain, and go out the other ear.



4. Choose an OVP

Carefully choose the online video platform, to deliver your live stream. There are a number of platforms out there. If you’re not sure how to choose one, here’s a list of OVP platforms InPlayer is integrated with. inplayer.com/integrated-ovp

5. Define pricing model

Your pricing model should be defined according to your target audience and according to the structure of your event. Are you delivering a super exclusive one-off sports event that everybody’s going to want to watch? Or are you delivering a series of live streams; a league that has events on regular basis, monthly, weekly, or even daily?

If you’re running regular live streams consider providing your audience with a subscription model. Fans often prefer to pay in advance for the whole month and not every time they want to watch a game. You can even offer them a season pass, so they don’t need to renew their subscription every month. Or you can offer them a package model that allows them to subscribe to matches that include only their favorite athlete/team. If you’re running a one-timer, offer an exclusive one-time live stream ticket.

6. Include pre-event ticket purchases

Nobody likes to purchase a ticket 5 minutes before the event starts; eespecially hardcore fans. They like to have their access assured way in advance. Make sure you’ve set up your live player and paywall in such a way, that people can purchase tickets days, or even weeks, in advance, Then all they have to do on the day of the match is log in and enjoy the game.

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7. Affiliate programme

Include an affiliate programme for your live stream premium content. Everybody is going to be happy to feature your player on their website for two reasons

– It brings traffic to their website

– They get a piece of your profits

8. Embed player on FB in a separate tab on your FB page and whitelist it on Twitter

A very high percentage of people have Facebook open in a separate tab all day long. Making your live stream available for them to watch while they continue monitor their messages and notifications, all in one window, is a reassurance they will watch your live event all the way.

9. Let your audience know

Social media

There’s no better way of advertising than social media. Your followers on Twitter, and your fans on Facebook are people that have subscribed to your feeds because they WANT to receive news from you. Let them know what you’re planning. Create a Facebook event for the game. Post trailers in the event. Let your fans know how the athletes are preparing. Post interviews, news and any other links related in the event. Let your audience know you’re as excited as they are about the upcoming show.

Feature event on related sites

Whether it’s blogging, featured articles, banners, or featuring your promo video, make sure your event appears on related sites. Sport web portals, sport blogs, sport newspapers…. They all have a huge fan base they will gladly inform of your new event.

Newsletters to fans

If somebody is subscribed to your mailing list, this means that they are passionate about receiving news from you. Маke sure you deliver this news to them.

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