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58% Of U.S. Broadband Households Use OTT Service

A new research by Parks Associates unveiled that the majority of broadband households in the US or 58% to be exact use at least one OTT video service on a monthly basis, while more than 25% of households use two or more services.

Glenn Hower, who works as a Research Analyst at Parks Associates was quoted saying that “despite impressive penetration, the growth of US OTT services has slowed recently, indicating the overall market for SVOD service might be saturated”.

The Most Popular OTT Services

  • Netflix continues to dominate the OTT world, holding 43% of US broadband households
  • Hulu comes in second with 19% of the total percentage of US broadband households
  • Amazon comes in third with 17% of the total percentage of US broadband households

Even though there has been a drastic drop of penetration of OTT services, still there is room for growth as a new niche of services, which are focusing on targeted content and audiences, is emerging.

Stay tuned for a new ParksAssociates’ OTT research at Next TV Summit & Expo, set to be held on October 21, 2015. The day event will be analyzing consumers’ evolving viewing habits, OTT services, and strategies to adapt in the current OTT environment. Next TV Summit & Expo is a high-level, future-focused conference, expo, and networking event for members of the TV, media, entertainment, and technology business community.

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