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3 Essential Tips for Creating More Engaging Videos 

It’s a strange thought, but today’s average high-school student has access to far, far more information than the amount held in the most prestigious universities just 20 years ago.  This, of course, is because of the internet. And, every single day, more information is being uploaded and shared – in fact, over 300 hours of new video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute!

That’s a lot of content. From a business point of view, this can be problematic. Today’s consumers are digital creatures, with low attention spans, internet savviness, and no time for content that doesn’t immediately appeal to them. With a fundamental aversion to intrusive advertising – such as popups, banners and spam mail – today’s consumers require a different approach.

Video is the most engaging content form, and companies that get video right reap many rewards. What’s more, creating engaging video content isn’t hard – it doesn’t require massive budgets, beautifully written scripts, and expensive directors (as most professional YouTubers will happily tell you). All it requires is the right approach.

The following tips will help you create engaging video content that will leave your audience wanting more.

  1. Focus On Engaging Your Audience (Not Showcasing Your Brand)

Most companies are chomping at the bit to tell their audience why what they’re offering is so great. But you can’t just expect to present your audience with a sales pitch followed by a call to action and see great results.

Instead, you need to talk to your target audience on an emotional level. Use your video content to tap into your target audience’s likes and dislikes, hopes and fears, and wants and needs. Use the language they use, and present them with something that fits into their lifestyle. That done, your audience will view your company as an ally, not a faceless company, and the conversions will follow.

  1. Make It Personal

Personalised content makes consumers feel special. And consumers that feel special make purchases. But, today, a custom email subject line or call-to-action isn’t as effective as it used to be. Interactive video is a relatively new approach to video content that’s allowing the brands that utilise it to really stick out.

Interactive video allows viewers to click, swipe, and otherwise engage via call-to-action overlays or a series of overlay elements. A great example in Coldplay’s interactive video for the song “Ink”. But interactive video isn’t just for the major players; a simple Google search will bring up a list of affordable interactive video companies.

  1. Aim Big

The goal of all content marketers is to go viral. Though getting millions of views isn’t easy, highly sharable content can give your company a real boost – even thousands of views can lead to hundreds of eyes on your site and a great deal of conversions. Virality can’t be reduced to a checklist. That said, many viral videos have certain features in common:

  • They’re short and sweet – 19 percent of modern consumers will leave a video after 10 seconds; after a minute, a staggering 44 percent of viewers have clicked away.
  • They’re upbeat – the most highly shared content is that which evokes a strong emotional response; and content which inspires an upbeat emotion is the most sharable of all.
  • They’re timely – By hooking on to existing internet trends, viral videos are often able to piggyback off the success of other content or events.

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful. Once you have created engaging video content, you will be able to start monetising it. As the premium digital asset monetisation service, we can help you turn views into money and leads. See how we can help you and don’t hesitate to contact us.

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