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Live Event Monetization

Live streaming video has been around for a while, but now its moment of glory is finally arrived. It can be rewarding in many ways, including personal satisfaction, expression of creativity, providing information, and getting a point across. It can also be rewarding in a simpler way: by making money. And we can help you achieve exactly that!

Build a page for your live event quickly

It’s a matter of minutes

Build a page for your live event in minutes and save your time and energy on creating and releasing great content.

See the seconds tick down to your event.

What are you looking forward to?

Creating a countdown timer is a fun way to keep track of how close an impending event is.

Simple Steps!

We got you covered!

Pre-booking, live experience and after the show. We take care of all steps of your online event experience.

Lots of Features You’ll Love

InPlayer’s Live Event Monetization feature is easy to build and simplifies the viewer payment process. From concerts to sports events through to conferences and sermons, if you have an event of any scale you wish to market and monetize then our turnkey tools and features are designed to suit your needs.

Subscriptions and tariffs

Choose the subscription or tariff suitable for your business.

Cross Platform

Deliver streams across all platforms including smartphones, tablets, computers and OTT devices.

Customer support

Our friendly, dedicated and multi-language Support Team is available 24/7 to assist your customers.

Geo support

Our platform supports geo targeting, geo blocking, and multi platform content delivery.

High Level of Security

We offer full protection of your digital content – InPlayer is fully PCI compliant, which is the industry standard for security of online digital payments.

Payment methods

We support all major payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, PayPal and BitCoin.

Reporting & analytics

Easily monitor the success of your sales. Our reporting system provides insight into your audience behaviour to inform future campaigns, improve customer experience and build on marketing tactics.

Contact our team today to get a quote and learn what we can do for your event.

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An entire monetization suite

InPlayer develop industry-leading paywall technology. We have a complete platform filled with tools that fit any monetization need.

Check it out

WordPress user?

Install our paywall plugin and start making money on your premium content in a matter of minutes. You already have the necessary traffic, so what are you waiting for?

A paywall plugin, you say?

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